InDesign Need for Speed

You never planned to use a mobile phone. That would be for busy yuppies only.
Nor thought install Whatsapp. Until you kept isolated.
And what about GPS?

Sooner or later, one begins to realize that demand or needs are not generating the technological evolution. Inventions and technology are driving the demand. The needs are created by the technological offer, except for maybe the hunger, sex… Or even these aren’t completely immune?

A single need, that of making things easily and quickly, is the lever that moves everything. Appears an invention that makes use of technologies, and it is necessary to make it known, so that people use it. Then you can no longer do without it. There has been a qualitative leap.

And that is what provides PowerNotes. This time it is not a technological revolution. It is a modest but critical InDesign improvement that curiously has not been implemented by Adobe in any of the seven versions of InDesign. It does not figure in any InDesign new features’ list.

We realized its relevance amid a publishing audit where the client was looking for ways to improve their publishing workflow. They debated the need of cost reduction and increasing book production. How to produce more books with the actual resources? In short, all participants in the production process should find holes in their schedules to meet and explain to each other the changes to be made to design and content. And that was very difficult. They needed to improve InDesign workflow.

It is easy to see the consequences. If a person can not move forward on an issue because other person is not available, he gets another job. Then he is now who is no longer available. Depending on the mood and the atomization of the work and personality of the members, priorities completely fall apart and all maturities lengthen. There is a communication problem.

Interestingly, there is not InDesign tips for this. InDesign and InCopy feature a tool for notes, but it is only for text notes. Is clearly inadequate for managing something more than elementary instructions. If you want to make a geometric indication using words… you will enter in a marshland.

Ok, InDesign has the means to partially avoid this problem. You can create a layer and use the drawing tools to better explain an indication. But this is not possible in InCopy, because is a tool designed for writers, exclusively. Moreover, the date and authorship of an indication are not registered in InDesign or InCopy, which makes impossible the management of these directions.

PowerNotes solves all these problems by automatically creating an special layer where users can draw freehand and create colored personalized notes. Each user make his own indications, and the plugin records the author and the time of creation of each indication.

This can reduce significantly the need to meet to explain to others what you want, significantly speeding up your workflow with InDesign, in a simple and practical way. As said earlier, we have not discovered gunpowder, but certainly we put the simplicity lever on an essential fulcrum.

Apart from the particular circumstances of each editor, there are many common daily situations in which a tool like this will facilitate time saving with inDesign. Who has not seen the need to indicate a correction in a map, an alignment, or the position of a picture? With PowerNotes just select the tool and create instructions. No one else can erase it. You can prove that you requested it and the request date. And without having to print or create PDFs. Directly on the page. Comfort and speed, the key that moves everything.

One more thing on the list of things you never suspected you would need: PowerNotes.

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