What means Q4?

¿Que es Q4?The Q comes from QSystems. And the Q of QSystems, where does it come from? We do not know… What we do know is from where comes the 4.

So, since 1994, QSystems has developed four versions of his editorial system:

  • 1995: XPress XTensions for performing some automation tasks..
  • 1997: redesign of XTensions to take out things that have not to do with XPress. We develop almost all modules of a system, but without database, as separate applications. We develop mainly following the particular needs of the customers.
  • 1999: a new development begins, from scratch, it includes all the functionality of an editorial system, gathering all customer demands in a single product.
  • 2005: the publishing system is completely redefined and starts a new integral development, the fourth version of QSystems systems, or Q4.

It seems that what was done in 1999 was repeated in 2005 inexplicably, right? In the first stage of QSystems, the managers decided to abandon the development on Apple platform, and our CEO never wanted to include InDesign in his plans. Moreover, in 2005 the market had more solutions for newspapers than clothing brands, but none for the rest of publishers.

So when QSystems was refounded, we decided to redesign the system and give it a fresh start to make it a suitable system for any publishing company. In other words, turn the publishing system in a Publishing Resource Center, with all functions of a publishing system plus all functions needed for books, magazines, catalogs and any other publication.

What does Q4 do?

Q4 provides newspapers, publishers and service bureaus the following features:

  1. Workflow based in tasks or in stages..
  2. Analytical and visual production control.
  3. Prioritization and workload balancing on the fly.
  4. Collaborative edition.
  5. InDesign and InCopy support as editing tools.
  6. Asset Management for production, with dual file support, integration with InDesign and support of any application or platform.
  7. Closing of pages and automated PDF creation.
  8. Workflow of image, video, mathematical formulas and other elements outside InDesign.
  9. Industrialized eBooks production (ePub, mobipocket, azw…).
  10. Production of electronic formats (RSS, HTML, XML …)
  11. Industrialized production of interactive digital publications.
  12. Automatic layout of XML content (XSL-FO).
  13. Visual definition of queries. Sharing of queries.
  14. Auxiliary document management.
  15. Recording of user activity.
  16. Management of copies and decentralized versions.
  17. Permissions for groups, users and collections.
  18. Centralized correction memoirs.
  19. Messaging.
  20. Certification of pages.
  21. Centralized styles.
  22. Autotag XML.


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